for personal and planetary healing...

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Neo-Energetiks is a Love centered healing modality which has manifested to assist with our personal ascension and to assist with the ascension of Planet Earth.   A multitude of Angels, Guides and Beings of Light come to work with us when we activate this unique frequency.  Neo-Energetiks is a multi-dimensional healing modality which has been described as one of the highest vibrational healing modalities on the planet.

"Neo-Energetiks has come to us at this time
for the purpose of personal and planetary healing"

The symbols and vibration of Neo-Energetiks first appeared to Shawn Adler and together with Dr. Olga Rasmussen and with the help of many other gifted healers, we developed a set of techniques that can be used as a very effective healing process.  These techniques and Attunements can be given both in person and at a distance. 

Many wonderful Healers have supported us on this journey and have contributed to the evolution of Neo-Energetiks.  We give thanks and wish to honor All of those who have assisted us with this effort.  We feel that this healing modality will continue to evolve.

"Neo-Energetiks is a
playground for our intuition"

We invite those who work with this healing frequency to integrate its symbols and techniques into their existing healing activities.  We also encourage the integration of crystals, sound therapy, aromatherapy, and other techniques with this work.

"Neo-Energetiks is a
Third-Eye Opener"

Many who work with Neo-Energetiks report having more intuition, heightened senses and a stronger connection to their Guides and Angels.  


Overview        Links        Message from Pleadians        Acknowledgements        Love Center Prayer

If you would like to learn more about Neo-Energetiks,
send a message to Shawn Adler using the Healing Crystals Contact Form.

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