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a Message from the Pleadians

Transcribed by Cece Gallery 09, 04

         Come to The City of Light.      

            Come into the city of New Jerusalem

            and pickup the flowers at your feet. 

        The walls of the city are energized...

            with the natural power of the planet...

            the power of eternity.  

        You are standing on the threshold of a new time...a New Age...

            an age in which there will be important advances in the evolution,

            the ascension of mankind. 

        You came to this time and to this place to help put this project into place. 

            As you move toward your goal, you will connect with other beings

            who are also on "a mission." 

        Some of your missions "will not seem to have anything in common" at the time. 

            But, they will ultimately be "connected"

            as surely as your meeting was a connection of Spirit. 

        Do not hesitate to continue on your path. 

            Your path is The Way of Love and Light. 

            It is the road to The New Jerusalem. 

        This city...will be The City of Light...

            and it will stand in time as the city that welcomes

            The Children Of The Dawn. 

        And with the arrival of the children into the city

            the period of enlightenment will commence. 

            This period of enlightenment will usher in the New Age. 

        There will be "new energy" associated with this "new time." 

 This energy will be that which you create within yourself and within Mother Earth. 

            It is imperative...that all beings...concentrate on "positive thoughts."

        We are supporting you and your efforts, for it is for the higher good of all 

            that the energy and vibration of mankind and the planet Earth 

            be lifted to a new level. 

        Rise-up (you) Children Of The Dawn.  

            Carry through the gates of The New City 

            the energy of a new time...a new place. 

        Welcome home

        Signed Pleiadians


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